Lt. Governor’s Office Voter Instruction Misleading to Voters – Possible to nullify your own ballot. | Mike For Utah
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(KUTV) The Democratic gubernatorial campaign of Mike Weinholtz says Utah voters mailing in their ballots are being given misleading instructions. The problem, according the the campaign, is that step two of the instructions say to place your ballot in the envelope and seal it, but step three advises voters to sign it. The problem? The signature line is under the seal. The Weinholtz campaign worries this will make voters open the seal to sign the ballot, which could invalidate their vote due to tampering. Mark Thomas, of the Lt. Governors office, said if clerks receive a vote that can not be counted they are required to notify the voter. According to Thomas, every county may have a slightly different process but as long as voters follow the included instructions their vote will be counted.

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Weinholtz camp fears directions may cause ballots to be rejected – SLTRIB

The Lt. Governor Spencer Cox’s Office printed 132,000 copies of the Official Voter Information Pamphlet. You can find a copy HERE.


The instructions on “How Do I Cast My Ballot?” are wrong and could make voters nullify their own ballots by not signing it or by tampering with the seal to try to open the envelope to sign it.


The line to sign is inside the seal:


Find the correct information HERE.


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