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Tourism to Utah’s National Parks brings billions of dollars into the Utah economy, especially in rural Utah where that impact on the local economies is what keeps them alive. Setting aside the million of dollars in tax payer money that the Legislature is spending to sue the Feds – against the overwhelming advice of the brightest minds in the legal profession – if they are somehow successful, they’ll either inherit the hundreds of millions of dollars it costs to keep the parks in working order, or they will sell off the land, deny access to the American citizens, and cripple the economies of the Utahns that rely on tourism to survive.

Legislature sets aside funds for lawsuit to demand control of federal lands

Utah budget leaders on Wednesday approved setting aside $4.5 million as the first payment toward a lawsuit aimed at asserting state ownership of tens of millions of acres of federal land within Utah’s borders.

Another $250,000 was earmarked to go toward a group created by rural county commissioners that could bolster the legal defense of San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman.

The lawsuit money is being set aside in case Attorney General Sean Reyes decides to file the public-lands lawsuit that has been years in the making. The $4.5 million carved out now marks the first time funds are actually being earmarked for such a court fight.

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