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Meet Mike

I’m Mike Weinholtz. I’m running for Governor to provide a voice to the people of Utah. Most Utahns can’t afford a lobbyist. They can’t afford the heavy price tag for access. They have been forgotten, ignored, disenfranchised, and marginalized by a state government that operates on its own private agenda.

I’m running for Governor because I want to use the leadership and problem-solving skills that I developed over a successful 30-year business career to fix the challenges that Utah faces. I ran my business with a defining core value called “Putting People First.” That meant putting people before profits. I want to bring that same core value to government – putting people before politics – because far too many politicians today consider political ramifications first in their decision making. I also want to be a voice for the everyday people of Utah who don’t have a voice today and therefore feel disconnected from politics. Our current one-party system of government shows more interest in serving the needs of insiders and corporate-special-interest groups than the needs of everyday Utahns. My top three policy priorities are:

1. Insisting on a long-term plan for education – developed by educators, not politicians. Educators should develop the plan, and the legislature should fund it.
2. Getting serious about cleaning up our air quality, rather than just giving it lip service, as we have done for far too long.
3. Fully expanding Medicaid, as supported by the vast majority of Utahns.

I have a deep understanding of the modern healthcare industry and know how to solve complex problems and balance budgets. I was a third-generation factory worker before finishing night school with degrees in business administration and management. Two decades ago, I joined what grew into CHG Healthcare, a physician staffing industry leader with over $1 billion in annual revenue and more than 2,000 employees. CHG has been listed on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” the last seven years in a row and as a “Best Workplace” for women and millennials. In 2014, Utah Business Magazine named me CEO of the Year.
CHG’s motto is “putting people first,” even above profits. My commitment as governor will be to “put Utahns first,” even above partisan politics and find real solutions to the challenges we face in Utah, like healthcare, education, and air quality. I will represent all Utahns, including those who can’t afford their own lobbyist, because this is your campaign.



Utahns take care of Utahns, but our one-party government has not listened to the people. Instead, they have made health care a political issue, and their partisanship hurts families. I have built my career by finding solutions to complex health care issues and, as governor, I will work toward full Medicaid expansion, implement state employee health programs, and increase access to preventative care.

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Education is the key to a stronger economy and a bright future for our children, but we are dead last in K-12 per-pupil funding and it’s too hard for Utahns to receive a post-high school education. As governor, I will work to increase school funding for K-12 and higher education, better prepare our students for college and careers, and close the achievement gap.

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Air Quality


Utah has become infamous for our pollution, especially during inversion season when our cities have some of the worst air quality in the nation. The harm is real and affects nearly every Utahn. As governor, I will give the Division of Air Quality the tools it needs, work with industries to find mutually beneficial solutions, and find new ways to reduce personal and vehicular emissions.

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Utahns deserve a government that listens to their concerns.

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