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Utahns take care of Utahns, but our one-party government has not listened to the people. Instead, they have made health care a political issue, and their partisanship hurts families. I have built my career by finding solutions to complex health care issues and, as governor, I will work toward full Medicaid expansion, implement state employee health programs, and increase access to preventative care.


Full Medicaid Expansion

Changes to Medicaid have caused an unfair coverage gap for those earn too little to qualify for support to pay for health insurance, but make too much for Medicaid. Though politicians in Utah, including Governor Herbert, are quick to call their recent Medicaid “expansion” a success, their plan is fiscally irresponsible and leaves nearly 90,000 Utahns without access to health care. Our family, friends, and neighbors don’t deserve become destitute simply because they fall ill or are injured.

The majority of Utahns want full Medicaid expansion, and I am the only candidate to agree with them. It’s not just about doing the right thing and making sure our most vulnerable are taken care of, it’s also the right decision economically. The people of Utah already pay taxes to the federal government, but instead of having our tax dollars come back to Utah, the governor and legislature allows your hard-earned dollars to go to 32 other states and Washington, D.C. to pay for their Medicaid expansions.


Healthier Utahns for A Healthier Economy

Healthy employees are more productive and healthy children are better students. When public health isn’t a priority, we all suffer, but when Utahns are healthy, our economy grows stronger.

Businesses throughout the country have started offering employee wellness programs, such as gym memberships and nutrition classes, to reduce insurance costs for both employees and employers. Having worked in the health care industry for 30 years, I know first-hand how important it is to have healthy employees.

As governor, I will implement similar wellness programs at the state to reduce government spending while improving the health of our public employees. I will also work with local governments and private business to offer incentives to make sure all Utahns are as healthy as possible. By making businesses a partner in the well-being of Utah residents, we can help to reduce costs and improve the quality of life for everyone.


Real Plans For Real Utahns

Even when people can afford their own health insurance, coverage is often lacking for essential services like behavioral health, dental, and vision care. Mental and behavior health coverage is especially vital yet often overlooked. Currently, 73,459 adults and 79,465 children are not getting the treatment that they deserve to prevent more serious problems in the future, such as substance abuse.