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Ben McAdams

Salt Lake County Mayor


Educator – State Hispanic Caucus
“I’m with Mike because he has the business experience to bring prosperity for all. He will stand up to the Republican supermajority in the legislature to provide the common sense solutions our state desperately needs” Rebecca Chavez Houck

Elected Official - Utah House

Planned Parenthood Action Council Utah

I’m supporting Mike because I want a governor that is capable of uniting Utah and creating more opportunities for all people!Eva Lopez

College Student

Angela Urrea

Community Advocate – Candidate

“The only gubernatorial candidate with integrity.”

Mike is a strong leader, emphatic, smart, frosted and will be committed to helping all Utahns!Tricia Warnken


Women's Democratic Club

Elizabeth Weight

“I truly appreciate Mike’s level of integrity and interest in the people of Utah. A state under his leadership will be dynamic, productive, and inclusive – all beneficial for a better, more hopeful future for our kids than we have seen in many, many years!”

Cat Palmer

“He’s the person for the job! We need a solid honest person!”

Patrice Arent

Representative – Utah District 36

John O’Connell

Mach Martinez

Leo Martinez

Margaret Kelsey

Pauline Mecham

Melodee Lambert

Robert Cahoon

Duane Gustafson

Nicole Rudkin

Stanford Neering

Todd Bennett

Astrid Sieger-Pesina

Mike Olsen

Andrew Schoenberg

Pam Maehr

Rebecca Williams

Bart Nelson

Kim Deacon

Jeremy Wold

Danielle Martinez

Susan Simpson

Jami Lovell

Drew Hill

Billie Larson

Russell Nielsen

Gloria Olsen

Breanna Kirkbride

Roxanne Simmons

Robert Lucero

Erika Andrach

Scott O’Brien

Jeremy Wolfe

Cody Casto

Arthur Horne

Juliette Lanvers

Carol McIntyre

LynnDee Mueller

Laci Schneider

Lucas Fowler

Ed Shaul

Sarah Mclaughlin

Lu & Edward Sweeney

Jarom Bischoff

Christine Cardamon

Rod Stone

Chris Nelson

Florian Eggenberger

Tamara Burnside

Laurence Yorgason

Tara Shupe


Lori King

Jason Stock

Eva Lund

Sheila Raboy

Douglas Wren

Jandy Stelter

Kevin Pomeroy

Emmanuel Kepas

Steven Hansen

Jackie Hammer

Bret Jackson

Andreas Przybyla

Andrew Byrnes Blacka

Jeff Butterfield

Jeff Butterfield

Sharon Novatnak

Angela Urrea

Brian Stoll

Nicholas Daniels

Jennifer Daniels

Cathy Romero

Clayton Price

Layne Perkins

Kayla Blackford

Corey Thomas

Lance Riddle

Katherine Durrans

Keven Johansen

Jim Lokey

David Andreason

Geoffry Fitzwater-Castle

Jaime Martinez

Lorna Allen

Candice Sandness

Britany Klarich

Sue Duckworth

Michael Aaron

Julie Colibri

Susan j Packer

Brenda Kidman

Brooke Swallow Fenton

Melanie Ballard

Lynn Hemingway

David Berg

Elizabeth Lucas

Marcie Collett

Collin Wailes

Susan McKendrick

Cleo Bird

Lisa Browdy

Elizabeth Dickman

Katherine Ward

Ian Campbell

Sue DeVall

Matthew J. Lyon

Elise Lazar

Barbara Thorn

Cindi Keane

Cameron Cottle

Maryellyn Larcom

Matthew Wallace

Diane Forster-Burke

Alyce Wasden

Matthew King

William Forbes

Glenn Wright

Emily Wilde

Tyler Yeates

Julie Davis

Eric Kenney

Travis Lujan

Andrea Lecannon

Laurie Thomas

Juli Bertagnole

Wendy Newbold

Jamie Black

Wes Larson

Aimee Horman

Bradley Crookston

Ashley Wolthuis

Geoff Larson

Karina Brown

Lani Roberts


“As governor, Mike will be a needed breath of fresh air.” Dick Nourse

Retired KSL News Anchor


Environmental Organizations

Jenny Wilson

Salt Lake County Council Member – County At Large

“He knows what needs to be done to lead this State, and he has the compassion and heart to help others achieve the ‘American Dream’ that sadly is so elusive to many of our citizens today.” Clare Collard

Community Advocate

Richard Jaramillo

Community Advocate - Utah Coalition of La Raza

Salt Lake County Democratic Party

Jennifer Daniels

“Because I have worked for a Mike and believe he is honest and has great integrity, he is about the people, putting people first is not just a slogan for him.”

Jandy Stelter

4th Grade Teacher

“Mike knows what it is like to work hard. Mike has an appreciation for diversity. Mike knows how important education is and what bad shape it’s in here in UT.”

Utah Laborers


Laborers Local 295
“I’ve worked for Mike and he’s an amazing, giving, genuine, caring person. He and his wife have given to our community and our state for many years and continue to do so every day. He is exactly what this state needs. I’ve seen first hand what his ideas and promises can do and there’s no one that truly cares for ALL Utahns like Mike does.” Ami Williams

It’s time for a real leaderJim Dabakis

State Senator

Michele Weeks

Draper City Council
“He is in alignment with the issues in Utah that I care deepest about. I love the fact that he runs his company that people come first and profits will follow. His company had been a shining example that this works.” Christine Cardamon

Nikki Boyer

Kaytlin Talbot

Joseph Dursteler

Jamie Mason

Sandy Flahie

Linda Holm

Wendi Guerrero

Trish Sheffield

Casey Staker

Sandi Raines

Tammy Bess

Herschel Bullen

Susie Ahrens

Jodie Grant

Shelley Schwartz

Rod Wadley

Josh Wennergren

Jordan Jones

Ann Allen

Jacob Richens

Emily Harbison

DeEtta Bird

Tricia Warnken

Will Crowther

Gordon Bosworth

Michael Martin

Sean Smith

Jeremy Lautenbach

Jayne Crosby

Cat Palmer

Joan Mills

Heather Sather

David Craig Trujillo

Caitlin Simone

Myrna Fisher

Ami Williams

Kimberly Hansen-Enniss

Dawn Oughton

Ryan Larsen

Julie Sandberg

Michelle Stephens-Williams

Robert Young

Shannon Woolley

Warren Xanthos

Pat Watts

Emily Legge


Mindy Swensen

Mark Latkowski

Thomas Martinez

Ben Gustafson

Kria Ortega

Brody Isom

Mark Shanbrun

Harrison Samie

Stanley Wheatley

Aralee Scothern

Lynn Anderson

Jennifer Groves

Tina Hender

Jill and Richard Sheinberg

Jason Yocom

Catherine Birch

Marsha Marshall

David Thometz

Katie Monger

Thomas Smith

Marilyn Foster

Jayne Norton

John Besselievre

Hary Delozier

Derek Gendvil

Eric Loosle

James Runyan

Dominic Fratto

Robert Weitzel

Christy Montrone-Burns

Casey Decker

Jon Ahlstrom

Leslie Snavely

Tyler Montague

Steven Hogan

Connie Anast-Inman

Peter Kolesar

Cheryl Blondal

Robert Hall

Pat White

Bob Ross

John Burt

Anna Arevalo

Curtis Haring

Carlos Villar

Jessica Darrow

Thomas Summers

Bay Boudsady

Judy Calder

Bri Fox

Sarah Ponce

Jade Sarver

Jackie Morgan

Brandi Holbrook

Bessie McIntosh

Shasta Lawton

Joshua Cameron

Kendra Houser

Jose Ortiz

Barbara Wise

Laurie Hofmann

Julie Robertson

Cameron Nichols

Julie Nance

Chris Braymen

Devin Fenton

Michael Adams

Liz Muniz

Taylor Brimhall

Kathie Larsen

Samantha Shelley

Diane Heare

Cole Wilkes

Suzanne Sleater

Angel Hayes

Ben Montoya


Brian King

Utah State Representative – District 28

Arlyn Bradshaw

Salt Lake County Council Member – District 1
“I’m voting for Mike because we need an outsider” Sebastian Freitas

Community Advocate

Diane Lewis

LiUNA! Utah Laborers - Local 295

Josie Valdez Wheatley

Fmr. Party Vice Chair – Community Adv.

“I support Mike Weinholtz because he cares about the most vulnerable in our state. He knows what its like to build a business and support a family. Mike is ready to lead our state & protect our communities – including our public lands.”

Derek Kitchen

Salt Lake City Council Member

Equality Utah

Dale Cox

President of Utah AFL-CIO
I listened to the debate with the incumbent governor and was impressed with Mike. I wish the state would reconsider our stand on Medicaid, and having it covered by federal money. He is right, it is a waste of our tax dollars not to take advantage of it.Glenna Silvan


I KNOW he is right for UtahJuliette Lanvers

Sue Duckworth

State Senator

“I believe Utah deserves a governor who is engaged with the public and can make his own decisions without being bullied by the legislature and special interests groups. Mike is his own man and know how to get things done. I am proudly supporting Mike Weinholtz for Governor.”

“When I had the honor to talk to him personally I asked him if he would take money from big corporations. His answer was a clear and a simple “NO.” That’s why I support Mike Weinholtz for Governor. He won’t sell our beautiful Utah public lands.” Florian Eggenberger

Dean Hansen

Jeff Stern

Mike Turnbow

Monica Schreiber

Jordan Johnsen

Jan Zehner

Carly Kendall

Joanie Corry

Charles Felice

Laura Palfreyman

Kelli Peterson

Kathleen Gardner

Annalee Rowley

Therese Berry

Elizabeth Weight

Merrilee Rease

Lynn Carroll

Lynn Carroll

Heather Johnson

Rich Pavlovich

Rep. Patrice Arent

Tracie Parry

Jeri Peratis

Ryan Curtis

Dayanna Varney

Laura Perkins

Howard Noel

Laura Perkins

Dennis TerraNova

Curtis Casados

Alexis Holfeltz

Jared Brydson

PR Banks

Marianne Hinckley

Adam Wade

Chad Austin

Charles Henderson

Mike Stanley

Juliana Duran

Suzanne Stephenson

La Vone Liddle

Troy Wiilliams

Eva lorraine Gaudio

Alisa Horton

Kris Justesen

Carla Kelley

Amanda Darrow

Steve Woodall

Kelly Ure

Ash Anderson

Richard Gary

Lynda Brown

Georgia B Thompson

Shelley Vebber

Cammy Staker

Linda Nelson

Robert Stewart

David Rowland

Jim Thompson

Jeff Jewkes

Lynn Matthews

Christine Paongo

Colby Kap

Tamera Derushia

Catherine Lilly

Julie Monahan

Edgar Marroquin

Kyle Bradshaw

Molly Law

Lisa Giacoletto

Crystal Oliver

Roger Prows

Cynthia Martin

Alexis Ashowrth

Diana Duncan

Jon Paulding

Sandra Halladay

Kimberly Clark

Andrea Garland

Julianne Waters

Jeff Sloan

David Gardner

Andrew Alexander

Dianne Doyle

Jennifer Willgues

Cynthia Cashin

Tom Parker

Bob Morgan

Catherine Matthews

Dawn Elton

Linda Stay

David Keller

Katie Dabling

Cary Kimberly

Trent Toler

Jared Swensen

Matthew Downing

Matt Mayhugh

Keilee Terpening

Leslie Jackson

Kelly Lake

Amy Wicks

Stormy Murray

Wendy Beesley

Jessica Mackluf

Piper Wise

Chuck Donegan

JoAnne Hinkle

Dorothy Richardson

Susan Delaney

Suzanne Layton

Cameron Nichols

Heidi VanCleave

Erica Erickson

Casey Almaguer

Lynden Emerson

Debra Larsen

Bradley Langston

Mark Austin

Kathleen Chatelaine

Margaret Peterson

Karen Bennion

Melodie Richardson

Ann Parry

Peter Christensen

Dylan Sharp


“I support Mike because we need a governor that listens” Luz Escamilla


Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers

Local 222

Angela Romero

Utah State Representative

“We need a governor who will do a lot more to support and finance our public education system. We will need to spend 1/3 more than we currently to offer our children a quality, 21st century education. This includes paying teacher more so they don’t have to move to neighboring states to earn a decent salary and so we are not forced to take a college graduate off the street and throw him classroom because we cannot find enough qualified teachers.” William E. Fisher

Former High School Teacher at Clark County School District

Amy Wicks

“As a member of the Ogden City Council for 12 years, I saw how some of Governor Herbert’s inaction and incorrect actions on issues negatively affected my community and our ability to compete as a community of choice for business and visitors. Lack of adequate funding for education, attempts to gain state control of public lands, and frivolous lawsuits to try to limit rights of minority citizens which all negatively impact our ability to retain residents, as well as attract visitors and business. Mike Weinholtz stands on the right side of these issues. He is not beholden to special interests and will provide conscientious and courageous leadership to help Utah thrive.”
I’ve seen the results of Mike’s leadership in the unmatched culture of his company, CHG. He is compassionate and dedicated.Sean Smith

Susie-Man Ahrens

“I’ve known Mike for almost 20 years. He cares about the common people. He is not running for politics or power. He’ll make a great leader for Utah because he will put people first. He will focus on the issues that are important to people like healthcare, education and environment. He is not afraid to fight for what is right. I believe in Mike wholeheartedly. Utah and Utahns need him.”

Rod Wadley

Vernal Resident – Rancher

“With the direction that that the state of Utah has been heading, we need Mike to put the ship back on a proper course!”

Lynn Hemingway

“Mike is the best chance we have had in 30 years to elect a real Governor. He will not be paralyzed, the way Governor Herbert is, by owing so many favors to business leaders and big money interests, and so few to the other citizens that need representation. GO MIKE!”

Tammy Bates

Jean Eckersley

Carrie Lundberg

Kameron Tuckett

Seth Riggs

Jason Allen

Marilyn Mecham

Karen Anderson

Eric Brewster

Reagan Tolboe

Rebecca Lovato

Annabel Sheinberg

Shawn Johnson

Dale Rood

Johnathan Warren

Scott Bennion

Karen Toombs

Jolene Mewing

Merrill Crosbie

Nathan Webster

Richard H. Nourse

Vickie Samuelson

Garrett Janes

Amanda Mitchell

Genevra Prothero

Caitlin Black

Kris Eastman

Amy Streeper

James Schwing

Kelly Paz Soldan

Joe Conaty

Zack Shutt

Jeanette Millward

Joan Cowles

Sally Elliott

MaryBeth Jarvis Clark

Kaitlynn Peeleman

Cathy Mooney

Meg Averett

Sue ann Wilkinson

Tessa Hale

Nancy Huntsman

Elizabeth Cornwall

Sheri Hogle

Morgan Loy

Sue Martin

Lani Roberts

Kari Adams

Nicole Williams

Becky Moss

Marc Draper

Cerrick Crenshaw

George Mierisch

Janice Walton

Destinee Martell

Chris Haycock

Jacob Ward

Kristyn Macey

Nancy Mitchell

Erika Jensen

Erica Walker

Kathleen R Rice


Stephanie Pappas

Patrick Huff

Diane Connolly

Christine Stickham

Katie Cox

Charity O’Haodagain

Richard Arambula

Kerri Hopkins

Robert Jones

Eliza Marques

Courtney Villanueva

Megan Jacques

Anne Greeson

Joshua Denson

Debi Madrigal

Andrea Globokar

Danielle Hawkes

Tyler Ford

Ron Barness

Danielle Montague-Judd


Sara Boghosian

Nancy Kurtz

Anne Menzies

Steve Bray

Rod Daynes

Blaine Carlton

Kelsie Moore

Jolyn Metro

Peggy Stuart

Tracy Nichols

Jeff Curran

Margarita Satini

James Bean

Heather Barber

Amanda Townsend

Merle Wall

Karl Turley

Jenny Svelund

Mike Stanley

Devan Hadlock

Royce Johnson

Monica Yamasaki

Eric Brewster

Michelle Sulley

Gloria Wurst

Mark Mylar

Janine Terrill

Tristen Nelson

Linda Peck

Debra Fraser

Lee Moss

Elsabeth Luntz

Heather Towndrow

Gordon Pitt

Danene Peterson

Richard Whitney

Blake Spalding

Carson Kuddes

Diane Connolly